Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. My shoes are a little tight. What should I do?
    If your new shoes are a little tight, then stretching is a great way to make them be wearable quickly. The tip comes from a YouTube video by Michelle Phan, which is based on the principle of water expanding when frozen. Basically, you fill up watertight bags with water, put them inside the toes of the shoes, and then put them in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, it will gently stretch your shoes.
      Besides, you can take your shoes to a local cobbler who can stretch your shoes by up to half a size. Please let us know the cost for this (email us a copy of the receipt) and we'll be happy to give you a discount for your next order.
  • 2. How to choose fit high heel shoes?
    There are so many kinds of heels like stiletto heels, chunky heels, and so on. To be a queen, you are suggested to choose stiletto heels, for highlighting your female temperament, while if you want to be pretty and cute, chunky heels may be the best choice for you. What's more, if you pay attention to the comfort, the flats are fit for you.
  • 3. What sizes do you offer?
    We can make women size for US3 to US15.
      Just select your normal shoe size or the size you wear most. If you're really stuck and don't know how to choose, please feel free to contact us. It’s our honor and pleasure to provide suggestions.
  • 4. Is there any value-added service?
    Yes, we can provide some value-added services, such as changing the materials whose cost depends on the material type, changing the color or heel height, changing the shoe width, scripting name, even creating a novel one from your idea. For more details, please contact us.
  • 5. Do you offer a wholesale program?
    Yes, and the minimum number is 20 pairs. you can contact us for further details.
  • 6. Is the information I send over the Internet safe?
    All the information you send over to our website is strictly confidential and is protected by our SSL-certified website through the industry's most powerful encryption VeriSign. Any other information given such as email is strictly kept in secret and will not be used or given to any 3rd party. Please glance at our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • 7. How to take care of shoes?
    Traditionally, taking care of shoes means conditioning, cleaning, waterproofing, and polishing. High temperatures, strong sunshine, and sweat erode the surface of the leather and make the shoes loose.In order to prolong the serviceable life of shoes, wearing several pairs of shoes alternatively in daily life is an easy method to keep the shoes from quickly aging. Keep the shoes clean and stay away from the water and humid environment. Remove the big mud on the surface and then clean the shoes with a soft cloth. Regular oiling is another way to make your shoes smooth and bright. Besides, banana skin is the natural lubricant for the maintenance of leather. You are suggested to prevent them from sharp objects.
  • 8. How long will it take to receive the products if I place an order on FSJ?
    5-15 working days in general
      After you place the order, we need 1-3 working days to produce your shoes (after the order is placed, every shoe will be produced by hand to ensure quality).
      We provide 2 shipping methods for choosing.
      1. DHL / Express Shipping: $30 (2-6 business days to arrive).
      2. Free Shipping ( available for USA, UK, AU, Canada, France, and Japan ):5-12 business days to arrive.