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Red carpet ヴィンテージヒール&レトロハイヒール

オシャレなメンズのみんな様に対して、 for Red carpet ヴィンテージヒール・レトロヒールを履いてはセクシな雰囲気を醸し出します。ウェッジ、スリングバック、ピープトゥーポンプ、 ヴィンテージブーツ などデザインの復古な レトロシューズ は、大きな人気があります。FSJオンラインショップでヴィンテージシューズをお手に入れ、MAX50%OFF!!

Vintage Heels Detail

Step out in the style of a classy, vintage actress that has a vibe of wisdom and elegance in one these Vintage Heels. There is a wide selection to choose from that you will find the one to suit any fashion style for any time of the day. And these Vintage Heels are not only afforded and comfortable but are also back in style.

There are different shoe designs to choose from and you are able to specify which style and price you would like to look at. So you can narrow down your choice with a few quick presses of the options. The materials used are of the finest quality and can range from being PU leather to real leather (if you request it). PU leather is the preferred material because it is able to be shaped and controlled while the Heels are being constructed and it also shows off the color in all its glory.

Many of the Heels have padded insole that are designed and made to allow all-day long comfort and the Heels offer strong heels that can be made from steel. The length and the width of the Heel can be different depending on the style of the shoe but there is something for everyone and every Heel has our support behind it.

The ranges of Vintage Heels come in many colors and textures. Some are the mono colored that have smooth feel to them as well as a classic, simple design with a buckle to add support and a pop of color. Some can also come with a few more design elements to help your Heels stand out but also compliment your outfit. These are often worn to elegant gatherings with humble, sophisticated guests. While other Vintage Heels can have more colors and a more crazy design which are great for a night on the town or for everyday use. FSJ offer something for every type of occasion.