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 FSJ ストリッパーヒールについて、セクシーヒール、ハイプラットフォームヒール、5インチヒール、ストリッパーブーツ、またはストリッパーシューズ等いろいろな種類があるとともに、100%純正手作りです!オシャレなメンズはセクシーな ポールダンサーヒールやシンプルなクラブシューズをはいて、夜の輝きを楽しみ尽くします。迅速配送・送料無料です!国際宅配便!カスタマイズサービスを提供しています!!FSJサイトへシューズをお手入れ、最大50%OFF!!


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商品 1 to 48 of 65 合計

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Stripper heels Detail

Stripper heels are a fashion statement by themselves. They are sexy very high heels, exotically designed to make the pole dancers look very sexy. Their transparency sometimes gives the appearance of standing on tiptoe or en pointed.

To wear stripper heels is every girl's dream and why not, they look so elegant and attractive. Pretty glass slippers with high heels will give you a mesmerizing look. These stripper heels start from 4 inches and can go till 8 inches. In some cases they can reach 9 and 10 inches as well. These heels sometime contain novelties like sparks, flashes, colorful liquid, etc. They can almost fly in every kind of dress you wear. For strip dancers, these pointed heels look sexy and exotic. The transparency of these heels stylize your attire. Also known as clear heels. The ballerina style stripper heels that give an appearance of standing on tiptoe. These can be used for any occasion whether you are going for a strip dance or prom. They are so elegant and luscious. They make a style statement for a dancer as well as a fashion model. You will achieve that stylized look you always dreamt off.

Stripper heels are so popular among girls, their looks mesmerize them and they certainly desire to wear them.
If you see from their eyes, they will somewhat appear as Cinderella's glass slippers, the fairy tale material. The most comfortable are platform stripper heels. These are very reasonable, durable and easily available.

Then are clear shoes, they look marvelous and give a boost to your personality and height. They look super sexy and adorable when you move slowly and deliberately.

Another variety is Pleased Stripper shoes for exotic dancers.
Thigh high boots, ankle boots and knee boots too can rock the stage . They add elegance to your looks and come in so many colors. There are six inches stilettos with floating stars. What a mesmerizing view they give and you feel you are at the top of the world. You ought to walk with pride wearing them.

Who makes them?

FSJ shoes or Funny she jill is an exclusive shoe brand that caters to the fashion needs of the modern women. This brand aims at women who pursue equality through their fashion sense.

When it comes to Stripper heels, FSJ has excelled itself by providing a wide assortment of footwear ranging from sexy high heels to high heels that light up, glitter and shine in the dark, drawing attention to the exotic feet of the dancers. Even metal and spike heels are available. Stripper boots are also on sale. What’s more? These heels can be customized according to the needs of the wearer.

Why should you buy them?

The sexy look, the exotic designs and the outstanding artisanship that mark our Stripper heels will make you long to buy them and strut around, much to the jealousy of your friends who will go green with envy on seeing you. Every shoe on display here has been crafted in such way that they will make you feel special and distinctive.

What about the price?

This glamorous collection comes at an attractive price too that is well within your range.


As always, FSJ doesn’t falter from its commitment to quality. So these Stripper heels that uphold an excellent standard are in line with the international fashion world.

You need not look further than us to buy the shoes you always wanted and yearned to have. The FSJ brand is synonymous with “Innovation” and “Adventurous”. So select what you like and buy them. Wearing these shoes would make you a force to reckon with in the world of fashion.

Be it the Stiletto Heel or Stripper heels in a wide range of colors, or Stripper Boots, you will want to buy all of them.