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太めヒール/厚底 Ball レオパードプリントシューズ&チータープリントシューズシリーズ

  Ball の場合、 みんなのご存知のより、ネコ科のヒョウのモデルに基づいて製造する古典的な 太めヒール/厚底 レオパードプリントシューズは、いまファンション界の魅力的な象徴とセクシのマックになっています。君の脚を美しくみせて、謎のような雰囲気を包み込まれます。--- チータープリントシューズ|| 大人気があるFSJプランドは フラット、 ウェッジ、 サンダル、 パンプスブーツ 等様々なレオパードプリントシューズ種類を揃いて、女らしい優しの様子を描いています。今すぐFSJオンラインショップへご購入したら、全世界中へ送料無料です!!

Leopard print shoes Detail

Leopard print shoes offer a versatile and popular choice that can be worn all year round. There is a style that is ideal for almost every occasion, but careful consideration needs to be given to your choice if they are going to appear to be a stylish extension to the rest of your clothing.
There are different style categories to select from, and below is a brief explanation of how to wear each design:

High Heeled Shoes

Leopard print heels tend to look most stylish when worn as part of a more formal outfit and are therefore ideal for special occasions and parties. Team them up with dark colored slacks and a different top, or if you are after a more co-ordinated style, stick to more neutral tones of cream, green and light brown instead.

Flat Ballerina Pumps

They usually get teamed up with casual clothing like skinny jeans, a neutrally colored skirt or even smart shorts in the summer. Flat pumps are incredibly adaptable and are comfortable enough to be worn all day long, but again, steer clear of teaming them up with matching accessories if at all possible or you will run the risk of overdoing the look.

Ankle Length Boots

Leopard skin ankle boots and shoes are most suited to wearing with jeans and teamed up with a lighter colored top and accessories that coordinate with the natural brown shades of the leopard print design. They incorporate a relatively high heel, so keeping them on all day can sometimes become uncomfortable, however. They are therefore ideal for less formal evening wear and can be worn all year round.

Cheetah Print Court Shoes

The Cheetah Print court shoe is a timeless and traditional style and comprises a slip-on, low cut design, traditionally with a medium to high heel height. This makes them perfect for office wear, and they are an excellent compromise if you are after a higher heel that can be worn for longer periods of time.
The crucial point to remember is that leopard print shoes create a robust statement all on their own. Trying to increase their impact by including a selection of matching leopard design accessories will seldom work and will ultimately damage the impact your shoes might otherwise have had.